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DTDC Courier Tracking

Nowadays from top leading e-commerce companies to small merchants and even individuals are using courier services to ship their products or send valuable things to their dear ones and DTDC is one of the top courier service company which provides courier service in India. DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd was established in year 1990 and now being considered as top courier service in India. DTDC serves domestic and international shipping services with over 10,000 pin codes in India and over the globe to almost near above 250 countries and spreading its services span everyday. DTDC’s headquarter is located in Bangalore and other zonal offices in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata followed by over 300 plus their own offices and 5500 plus channel partner offices which handles over 10 millions consignments everyday. So if you ever wanna ship through DTDC or expecting shipment from it then you must know how to track a consignment.

How to track DTDC courier consignment

To track any domestic or international DTDC courier consignment first you need AirwayBill Nimber(AWB number) or Reference number(Ref. number). You can find this airway bill number or reference number on bottom right corner of the consignment receipt given to you by DTDC channel partner office after you register or book your shipment. It is very much necessary that you keep this airway bill number or reference number safe as without it you can’t track your shipment.

The bill or receipt given to you by DTDC channel partner executive should be look like above and for tracking your shipment you should find a airway bill number/ reference number/ docket number on the right side of the bill. Generally all DTDC tracking number starts with a letter followed by 8 digits like (A27392652) or kind of similar to that and you should enter them in correct order to track your shipment.

Instructions to track your DTDC shipment

By using following instructions you can track your DTDC shipment using the airway bill number or reference number. (Sometimes for international consignments DTDC mentions airway bill number as consignment number.) You can track your shipment here or by visiting DTDC official site.

  1. First choose airways bill or consignment number (as per your shipment type) in the tracking tool box.
  2. Now enter your airway bill number or reference number as per you chose in previous step in tracking tool box.
  3. If you want to track multiple shipments then enter them by separating them with commas(,) but keep in mind that you can track maximum of 25 shipments only at a time.
  4. Now after entering proper airway bill number or reference number you just simply have to click on “Track” button of the tracking tool and you will get your shipment details and latest update of it.
  5. If you are not able to see any result then you should wait for sometime as generally it may take few hours to update your status after DTDC ship your consignment or you can call customer care executive of DTDC for further assistance.

Note:- You can track any consignment only for 90 days from the day of dispatch of your courier because after that much span of time DTDC won’t keep your tracking record(s) in their servers.